Mary Krueger and Andres are the design duo behind Carmona Design + Events, a pre-eminent Event Design firm based in NYC, providing full-service event production services throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Specializing in unique productions for Social & Private Events, Non-Profit Galas, Entertainment Events, and Corporate Events... they also pride themselves on their ability over the years to go on that extraordinary journey with clients to create for them stunning, one-of-a-kind, bespoke Weddings.

Carmona Design + Events specialize in all aspects of organization and design required for all their events. They create the lighting schematics, staging designs, coordinate the musical and entertainment performances. Carmona Design creates custom table setting designs, and stunning custom floral arrangements... They handle all aspects of your event to create the ambiance and imagery that provides an unforgettable experience!

When transforming spaces for an evening, Carmona Design + Events duo, Andrés Saavedra + Mary Krueger, create concepts of sophistication and wit, with a key priority: always maintain elegance. Self-described “Fete Visualists”, they emphasize they are not decorating showrooms, but creating intimate and inspiring visual environments, meant to be filled with people. Through purposeful design, they seek to seduce guests, encouraging them to find their own characters and truly feel a part of the event: it is Social Theatre!

Carmona’s focus is foremost on concept and developing a cohesive design... approaching each project as a detailed and fully referenced art installation within which to tell a story. “Creating Emotions” is the dictum, and their talent, skill & taste allows the duo to traverse the style spectrum - evoking a myriad of moods – from the cool + hip, minimal, cutting-edge experiences – to elaborate and opulent fantasies.

An invaluable element of their custom productions is their innovative use of lighting technologies with clever interpretations using inventive imagery. Whether creating custom projections or over-size printed backdrops, Carmona’s use of constantly evolving new visual technologies, combined with traditional theatrical methods, allows them to craft events of magic & enchantment.


Inspiration begins with the client, the purpose for the event, and the space selected – tangibles that provide the challenge from which the inspiration evolves. Once realized, layers and details unfold throughout the event, revealing magical touches fashioned by their original artistry. With Andrés’ + Mary’s combined backgrounds in the arts + design, they approach each project from their distinctive perspectives on these influences: fashion, music, painting, sculpture, and architecture, giving a major nod to the inspiration of cinema. Along with extensive travels, these varied cultural influences provide Carmona Design with continuous stimuli from which to draw upon for creating truly one-of-a-kind events.

In 2007 they began re-interpreting “Bridal” . . . creating a new visual language for same-sex weddings design: For the much-publicized three-day wedding celebration for Andrew Solomon + John Habich at Princess Diana’s Family Estate “Althorp” in England – this NY Society couple wanted to make a political statement as to marriage restrictions in the U.S. compared to that in the U.K., where they keep a second home. The concept Andres + Mary developed for their grooms was to bring Manhattan sophistication to the English countryside, introducing eloquent interpretations of formal garden design realized as handsome, sleek and polished “citified” references throughout.

Now - with the passing of the laws throughout the U.S., Andrés and Mary look forward to also bringing their clever and chic approaches to this new, exciting chapter in Wedding Design!


Since 1998, Carmona Design + Events has been producing uniquely stylish and luxurious weddings for their clientele in New York, throughout the U.S., as well as stunning International Destination Weddings. They maintain a strong presence in Europe, where their local production crew is available throughout the continent for a myriad of spectacular celebrations, including weddings in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Mallorca.


Mary and Andres are pleased to announce the opening of an additional Studio, located on this magical island of Mallorca. To keep up with the demand from clients for Destination Weddings in Mallorca - with this new branch, Carmona Design looks forward to developing a stronger presence in Event and Wedding Design throughout Spain and the Balearic Islands, as well as Destination Weddings in Provence, and Special Events throughout the European nations.